Book Backbreakers


I was too nice of a kid growing up.

I was quite polite and wanted to please my peers because I wanted friends. When I stepped my tiny brown feet in the school system, all my innocence of what I knew…completely vanished.

What you don’t realize as a kid is that everyone has a certain smell. And that kind of smell attracts predators to you in the guise of being a sheep; however, they are in wolves’ clothing.

I was tormented by more than one kid. Every space or corner I occupied, there was a different kid there to bully me. To call me poor. On welfare. Trash. Stinky.

Even the kids that were nice to me and I lend out my books, most didn’t take care of them. And that was when I was introduce to book backbreaker.

What are book backbreakers?

They are folks you loan books to. If you ever see them again, whew, they have broken the backs of your books.

I confess. I used to be a book backbreaker who was ignorant. I just didn’t know better. As I grew older, I realized that when you broke the back of a book, it didn’t last long. After about three to five readings, pages would loosen…and then, your book wouldn’t survive as I should.

When it was done to me, when a lender back broke my book, I quit lending it out. Oh, there are other reasons why I don’t lend out books.

They just don’t come back like they should. As someone who is a prissy about the class and state of her books, I don’t lend them out.

Yeah, if it is me who damages them accidentally, no problem. Yet, if it is someone else who I lent it to…and returns it looking like it has been a complete rollercoaster tornado, I am going to get pissed 10 out of 10.

And that’s why gals and guys, I don’t lend out books.

Book destroyers and book backbreakers are out there. I rather just buy you books, and you do what you please with them. Yet, I really hope that you don’t harm them.


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