What Is This Business about the “Flemminist Wave” & “Common Sense Feminism”?


A Conversation Between the Sophia’s

Inner child Sophia: “I hate it when people are treated badly. I hate it when I get treated differently than other kids. I hate it when people want let me decide if I want to wear a red shirt or a blue shirt. I hate it! I hate!”

Outer adult Sophia: “I strongly oppose injustice. Injustice causes many distress. All throughout my life, I’ve seen great people get treated unequally or unfairly due to their skin color, their politics, their gender, their sex, their age, and what class they are in. I’ve felt oppression from racism, sexism, and elitism. All these “isms” have to do with politics involving in them. As a grown up now, I still fight these issues/concerns on some levels, but adult Sophia can do a lot more to make sure that she is not treated well…and can help others who need and want her in the process.”

I’ve been doing online blogging since 2001, and I’ve been journaling since I was in 10th grade. I’ve always written about my personal life; however, I started writing essays throughout college to improve my writings…and since graduate school, I’ve been practicing and honing in on how to craft my essay skills better. Since my college years, I’ve labeled myself as a feminist. It is until recently I started to think about what kind of feminist I am. There are many different types of feminists because feminism within itself is very specific. You have black feminists and womanists, chicana feminists, liberal feminists, anarch feminists, social and Marxist feminists, radical feminists, cultural feminists, separatists and lesbian feminists, multiracial feminists, postcolonial feminists, third-world feminists, standpoint feminists, Libertarian feminists, post-structural feminists, postmodern feminists, French feminists, environmental feminists, and transfeminists. In some sense, I am hugely some of these types of feminists while I am a little bit of each in others. A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to label myself under all these feminisms…and call myself a “common sense feminist.”

How would I define a common sense feminist? A common sense feminist, for me, is a feminist who uses her intellect, her smarts, her empathy, and sympathy to sort out issues that bother her or moments that should be celebrated for her and all. A common sense feminist also has wisdom to know not to make mistakes…and when she does, she actually learns from her mistakes. A common sense feminist will fight the good fight, and then, stop when the good fight isn’t fightable anymore. What does mean for blogging about it?

For a few years now, I’ve been thinking about how I want to solidified my feminist discussions into a focal blog. Well, it all came to me this morning.

Scholars have termed the feminist waves: zero, first, second, third, and fourth wave feminists. Well, can’t a person entitled her own wave in her own life? My feminists writings are characterized by me. I am the one who is creating these essays through my eyes by using my experiences, knowledge, and my perceptions on how I see matters. It is only fitting for me to find something that I am beyond comfortable with that describes how I see feminism and what it means to me through the scope of concerns and issues…and positives I see in the feminist movement.

All feminists are their own waves. The way we all see things is what matters. We may not always agree, but we respectfully agree to disagree. It is okay to be different, and it is okay not to always agree. The most important aspect is to always be respectful, support, and understand where we all coming from.

Most of all, we need to understand who we are and what believe in.

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